Friday, 7 September 2007

Educational philosophy.

Long time no update; and this was meant to be a daily blog too. Anyway I just finished my first week back at meine schulenhaus. And as comes naturally with the modern education system is was overly crappy. Mainly when it comes to me personally. I was philosophising this morning when I came to the grand conclusion - you can't get a good education without sacrificing personal freedoms; and to me that's horrible! Freedom is what I base my life off, and to have to restrict that in the pursuit of ultimate happiness is a troubling decision. Urgh...

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Thursday, 23 August 2007

When I'm not kicking anti-furry ass I'm...

...making comedy videos. Chris is over at my place, and we met up with Jack (of Mike and Jack fame) and went out, purely to record out antics and make a stupid video of them! :D Enjoy!

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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Wheel of Fortune

Life Cycle is now up and running, complete with the "Tori Twitters" section conveniently located at the top of the homepage. What's so convenient about it? I can update it using my mobile phone!

So if I'm on holiday, at furmeets, or just generally away from my computer, you can still find out what everyone's favourite folf is doing! Go and register already, the forums will probably launch tomorrow (if I can be bothered sorting them out) and you'll need one to leave your views on my life anyway. Get going already! And I mean YOU!

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Life Cycle

From tomorrow, I'll have yet another blog up and running, and I call it Life Cycles. Unlike the other blogs I have, this one is daily talk about everything and anything. Probably with a fair bit of swearing. Updated every single bloody day, no matter what stands in my way (well, except maybe when I'm on holiday).

It's hosted on my own server space, giving me full editorial and design control. Thus why it looks better than this one, and will soon have an accompanying forum to go with it.

This will be my main blogging hole. For me a wonder of design and coding. In terms of my experiences working with PHP, this has to be the most advanced thing I've done. Granted the whole site runs on Wordpress and bbPress, but to get them to work together near seamlessly, as well as look and behave the same way - is something I would not have imagined myself doing mere months ago. And I did it in about 4 days... I amaze myself sometimes.

You can register and for that sooner is better. This one account will allow more advanced commenting options and will be ready and working for when the forums arrive.

Time to blag about every bloody aspect of my life!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Nothing's Fair In School and Politics

Wave goodbye Blair!

Today marked the dawn of a new age in British politics. Yes, after so much hype and rumour of Blair leaving office for many many years, he finally has!

Today James Gordon Brown took charge of the United Kingdom. The land of milk and honey. However what has caused some controversy, even before it happened, is that Brown will be taking office without a general election. He's basically seen the old man get out of his seat and nicked it behind his back. However I shall remain hopeful, as we never know - Brown could be an OK PM.

In my more personal life, an even greater injustice has occurred. Is it right to punish a pupil and throw dirt upon their thus highly polished record, just because they do not possess a calculator?

I'll be appealing to whatever arse made THAT decision, I'll tell you that.

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Sunday, 17 June 2007



Ubuntu is damn fancy. But unless Windows XP will let me install it, I'll never get to use it to it's full capability. Damn seXPee.

Anyone got a partition manager that actually WORKS?

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Flaunt the Furry

Might as well point this out. The Manchester mini-furmeet of 9-10th of June 2-0-7. So here's a little furmeet report! Typed out last Sunday following the meets end.

The last 36 hours have been non-stop furriness. Also known as heaven to some people. To just completely disown humanity for a weekend and become one with the animal. And to part with a bit of cash in the process.

Saturday, 7:55am
I woke up, for once, fresh as a daisy with a slight problem with staying awake. Cue for a warm shower, shirt, jeans and a sausage roll for breakfast before dashing out of the house at 9:20 (after some compulsive email checking and messaging.)

Got on the bus... free. Sometimes having a bus pass can be bloody helpful.

Arrived at Picadilly Gardens (aka, the bus station) where I promptly strode up to the train station. Sure there was a ton of time until the official start, but who cares? Arrived there at 10:15, where I bought the usual .net Magazine and a litre of Fanta orange. I wandered round aimlessly for another few minutes before spotting Lycan and - following where he was headed - found a Greskil and Krin waiting. Goten and Mikepaws arrived soon after. And Link/Whitewolf soon after that.

Currently present are myself, Lycan, Greskil, Krin, Whitewolf, Goten, Cerebus, Wolfybabe, Mikepaws and... some guys I've never seen before. We headed down to Picadilly Gardens, it was too hot to stay in a stuffy underground gay bar. We lounged around the gardens for a while, a few going off to the bar early. And the remainder lazing around in the shade. Foxxtail showed up, about an hour late. We headed off to the bar a bit afterwards.

Some time I can't remember
Goten got his birthday prezzies. And we sat around drinking and talking (not alcohol for me, tastes horrible). Goten wandered off for a couple of hours and came back with obscure yet tasty Chinese candies. Miles also showed up in this time, and we all got scared by someone who said he was German AND Ukrainian, couldn't speak proper English and was strongly into BDSM. I also stole Foxxtail's paws, and had them on for a very long time afterwards.

Fursuit walk! Goten in his raccoon, Krin as a werewolf with a damn scary mask, Greskil as a musketeer wuff and Cerebus as his weird orange and blue dog thing. A walk through Picadilly Gardens and down Manchester's main street, Market Street. We stopped at the bottom and did a little show. I and Foxxtail leading the parade of furs. Lycan filming, and Whitewolf and Mikepaws leading the behind. We got many hugs, even I got one off some teenage girl! And all I had on was a couple of paws and a stupidly large musketeer hat! (It kept falling off Greskil.) Fun was had extremely; and we deemed it the most successful fursuit walk we ever had - even though people were sweating so much you could see the plastic eyes steaming up. It was 24 degrees Celsius!

A whole hour of fursuiting in boiling heat. Wow. Time for foods anyway! KFC, McDonald's and Pizza Hut all round!

I can't really remember that much from here. But Goten, Whitewolf and Mikepaws all had to leave; Greskil and Lycan had a hotel; and Foxxtail and Krin were staying the night at MY HOUSE! They were fed, interrogated by the parentage, and we all settled down in front of Paramount Comedy and Jasper Carrott. I fell asleep sometime after midnight.

Sunday, 6:30am
Krin's alarm goes off and wakes me and him up. I look evilly, he fumbles and turns it off. We return to sleep.

I wake up, see time and panic a bit. The bus is in an hour and a half and Foxxtail and Krin are fast asleep (unusual, Krin being an insomniac.) Insert into here a large breakfast, me breaking Foxx's sunglasses (using the power of foot!) and we fixed his paws in return. I still wore them though! We also ended up agreeing that we would be getting a lift to Manchester, so no need for a bus!

We arrive early, hang around a bit and wait in Picadilly Station. We eventually meet Greskil and Lycan at the doors and discuss the day's events. We go to Picadilly Gardens and lounge around in the shade with laptops and PSPs. (And Worms games! And music!) We bought 8 litres of Pepsi Max for £1.96 and got absolutely bursting for the loo. The others got ice cream (I didn't, penniless folf here.) When Foxxtail went off to the loo I stole his tail. I ended up wearing it for the rest of the day.

3:00pm (or maybe 4:00pm)
Krin had to take his leave. We walked on down to the car park, saw his ubersome bike and helped him when the barrier wouldn't budge. He rode off waving, both dangerous... and loud. Owies. We thus went to the little restaurant place known as Oklahoma; I'd been there before, just never knew the name of the place. Regardless, they do a good salami, cheese and spinach toasted sandwich.

Oklahoma closed this time. So we left and returned - again - to Picadilly Gardens. More lounging, music, Worms, furry arts and getting a bit drunk on Pepsi ensued. I was still wearing the paws and tail, I was loving it too much to stop.

I get the first phone call telling me to come home.

Actual time I get on the bus to set off home after much whining, and threatening to steal Foxxtail's paws and tail. I like them so much! The other three spent much of the time I was sitting on the bus taunting me at the window with tails and paws and plushie foxes and stuffs.

Get home. It started raining heavily a few minutes beforehand, literally as I entered my little village. I jumped in the shower, being a rather wet folf.

Started typing this journal.

Finished typing this journal.

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Saturday, 16 June 2007



I love that song. Anyway, in the last day or two this blog has cycled between a few different themes. I really want a three column one, but they ain't that common for "New Blogger" and all those that work under 1024*768 are almost literally non-existent.

I'll probably code my own if I ever get bothered enough.


Wednesday, 13 June 2007

A message to capitalists...


Get the fuck off my internet

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Monday, 4 June 2007

THIS is why the 'net exists


Okay, forget the other time I said why the internet exists. I've actually found it now. The internet exists so that people can act like whatever random carpfish they want without disrupting folk in the "real world."

Let me explain. Wikipedia is a "real world" place. It has information about real things; it's a resource, a tool. On the opposite end of the spectrum (we've all been there, admit it) we've got Illogicopedia, where users can type whatever godforsaken nonsense they wish and have the whole world laugh at it. The Chocolate War never happened! There's no such thing as a clog spider! Illogicopedia is where people go to relieve themselves after researching and typing out all the seriousness of the Wikimedia projects.

And it's where I've found a new home...

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